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  • Halloween in Helsinki: Where to go

    Halloween in Helsinki: Where to go

    Isn’t October the most atmospheric time of the year! You feel the darkness settling in and the city lights fill your mind with warm, even christmassy, thoughts. Then it hits you: all hallow’s eve aka Halloween. The best party of the year! To get the best out of your Halloween time in Helsinki, I’ve gathered […]

  • Hillbilly thriller Kyrsyä – Tuftland now available for streaming

    Hillbilly thriller Kyrsyä – Tuftland now available for streaming

    Fancy a little hillbilly horror mystery to your weekend? Of course you do.

  • The Creeps production on its way

    The Creeps production on its way

    Are you into snow horror and 80’s creatures? If so, then this one’s definitely for you. The Creeps is an action-horror-comedy film currently being shot in Finland’s wintery Kuusamo, starring the legendary Christopher Lambert (Highlander), Chris Cavalier (Hidden Figures) and Iiro Panula (Bordertown).

  • Red Static Releases New Trailer and a Poster

    Red Static Releases New Trailer and a Poster

    From the Finnish filmmakers behind the wonderfully strange hillbilly horror flick Kyrsyä – Tuftland, a new release is about to see the light of day. Enter Punainen Kohina (eng. Red Static).

  • Review: Ghost Walk Helsinki

    Review: Ghost Walk Helsinki

    Helsinki City Museum organises three different ghost walks around the Finnish capital. I checked the Promenade Ghost Walk which focuses on the hauntings at the very centre of Helsinki.

  • Watch out for Gnomes

    Watch out for Gnomes

    The festive season is approaching and children all over are anxiously waiting for their piles of boxes. In Finnish culture children are told to behave well or else the lurking gnomes will see and the almighty Santa won’t bring any presents on Christmas eve. Such cruelty!

  • Review: Helsinki Horror Walk

    Review: Helsinki Horror Walk

    Finally, I had the chance to check out one of the coolest tours in town: Helsinki Horror Walk. The 2-hour-long walk took us from the Katajanokka Prison Hotel to the very center of the city. On the way we got to hear intriguing ghost stories, urban legends and local mysteries.

  • Finnish mystery thriller Kyrsyä – Tuftland releases new stills

    There’s been a nice, mysterious atmosphere ahead of the news from Roope Olenius’s first feature Kyrsyä – Tuftland. All good comes to those who wait – now we got our hands on the first stills from the film. And a date for the US premiere!

  • The Top 3 Finnish Horror Movie Villains

    3. Johannes (Kuutamosonaatti, 1988) Finland is a fairly large country, especially when considering the amount of people. There’s a lot of room for everyone, and for some serious rural backdrops as well. Kuutamosonaatti was released in 1988, 14 years after the release of rural horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • Horror movie BODOM nominated in Finnish Film Awards

    Traditionally, horror movies aren’t exactly the ones to receive awards and appraisal from critics. However, there might be a slight change happening in this tradition – specifically in the nordic region.