Halloween in Helsinki: Where to go (2018 edition)

halloween in helsinki

So you find yourself in one of the darkest (literally!) places on earth during Halloween, the infamous Hellsinki? Congratulations, you’re in for a great party! Here are some tips for enjoying the horrific festivities with style.

teurastamon halloween

Halloween at the Slaughterhouse

Looking to spend your Halloween at an old slaughterhouse? Well of course you are! Teurastamo (slaughterhouse in Finnish) area, located in between Sörnäinen and Kalasatama, is offering a full-on horror carnival. The two-day event includes immersive horror experiences, performances, zombie runway, escape room style moments, a bonfire (!), great food and drink (pumpkin beer), and yes, a Killer Party at Kellohalli. Sheer awesomeness will ensue.

More info: www.afterdark.fi/teurastamon-halloween/

viaporin kekri

Viaporin Kekri 3.11.

Let me tell you about Kekri.

Kekri is an old cousin of Halloween that has far reaching roots in agriculture and harvest time. Three things were characteristic for the celebration of Kekri: breakaway from the ordinary, communal celebration and excessive feasting. The perfect recipe for a good party.

Viapori ie. Suomenlinna, a historical fortress island and a world heritage site, is hosting a festival of Kekri, giving everyone “the opportunity to explore Finnish history, a modern interpretation of an old tradition, and an experiment in creating new meanings of of centuries-old beliefs and customs.”

It promises to give its visitors a unique chance to experience Suomenlinna from a new perspective and explore the darkest corners of the fortress that are usually closed from the general public.

The past breaks into the now and the new arises from the old, transforming the island and revealing its secrets. The souls of the dead return to the world of living, and people wallow in food, music, art, and games celebrating the last rays of light and the rich harvest.

The island is filled with fine storytelling, chilling history, lively performances, immersive experiences, and a unique atmosphere. Catch the ferry from Kauppatori and enjoy the feast!

More info: www.viaporinkekri.fi

hola ghost

Halloween IV: Hola Ghost and the Haunted Horns 3.11.

Danish flamencore-group Hola Ghost arrives in Helsinki’s Bar Loose with a special cast, strengthened with a mariachi horn section.

The flamenco, punk and psychobilly fusing band has visited Finland several times during the years, and this time they will be supported by Black Magic Six, which has hosted Bar Loose’s traditional Halloween celebration four years in a row.

More info: barloose.com

halloween disco bloodbath

Halloween Disco Bloodbath 3.11

Not into punk? Well then let’s disco! The electronic extravaganza of La Persé is throwing a Halloween party at Bar Jackie like only they can. So grab your dancing shoes and dress accordingly – because as you will witness at this haunted event, looks matter. If you need some reference, check out the documentary I made about the group couple of years ago.

We wanna see halloween tranny madness at its finest! Do not forget your hideously bad taste costume, y’hear?

They’re keeping the night free and promise surprises throughout the night. Be afraid, be excited, be ready to dance.

More info from the Facebook event

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