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  • Troll Horror Movie Backwood Madness Finishes Shooting

    Troll Horror Movie Backwood Madness Finishes Shooting

    Hello dear horrorists, geeks and otherworldlies. This time, I have some updates from the upcoming Finnish troll horror pic Backwood Madness. First of all, it’s a wrap! The highly anticipated movie, directed by Ari Savonen, is currently in post production, gathering some magical troll dust. The premiere date won’t be announced until May in Cannes, […]

  • BODOM movie creeps up closer

    BODOM is a Don Films project that has been gaining decent amount of attention since the beginning. There is clearly some viral potential here.

  • First teaser trailer for Backwood Madness

    Today, we’re headed for the backwoods. Earlier, I’ve mentioned about Finnish rural backwoods which are vast and dark. From these surroundings jumps out Backwood Madness, a film that seems to really delve into the subject.