Iron Sky Fanchise calls for ideas

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iron sky fanchise

Time for some Moon Nazis. The people behind the cult phenomenon Iron Sky have come up with a new thing, and it’s called Iron Sky Fanchise. They are offering fans the opportunity to produce their own Iron Sky related content – with them. Literally, what they are offering is to “take your hand and walk through the creative process with you, with all it’s highs and lows.”

It is an open call for 500 char. pitches, with a few ground rules:

  1. It should take no more than 10 minutes of the viewers time to experience.
  2. It has to be possible to produce with a reasonable budget.
  3. It has to be connected to Iron Sky somehow – but do think outside the box. It does not have to include space Nazis or reptilians as long as it fits the pulp spirit of the world.

The chosen ones will be developed with the Iron Sky team on their crowdsourcing platform. Schedule for the open call is from May 2016 to till the end of January 2017.

Echoes of

Back in 2009, I had the chance to do my film school trainee period in Energia Productions, which was at the time producing the first Iron Sky movie. I was working on a six-episode web series, which was produced in collaboration with the users of production platform. Ultimately, I ended up writing down the concept for the series.


Wreckamovie was a bit sturdy looking, but extremely useful production platform. The userbase was very international, and produced some excellent insights and ideas into productions from different cultures and environments. The task-based system worked as a great vehicle for activating the internet community and solving minor problems or brainstorming new ideas. I’m not quite sure why the platform was shut down few years ago, but nothing quite alike has ever since emerged.

So this new development is all good news. Fans get their chance to collaborate and create with the true pioneers of crowdsourcing, and obviously Iron Sky Universe continues expanding. The vicious Moon Nazis breed on.

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