Review: Ghost Walk Helsinki

Helsinki City Museum organises three different ghost walks around the Finnish capital. I checked the Promenade Ghost Walk which focuses on the hauntings at the very centre of Helsinki. Through an hour and a half long excursion, the walk promises to feature “the city centre’s park-lined streets, Esplanadi and Bulevardi. The Plague Park Haunters, The […]

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Rewriting a short film script – a total reboot

One of my ongoing projects is rewriting a 30-page short film script I wrote six years ago as part of my bachelor’s thesis. It is a ghost story based on true events. The interesting thing about coming back to and rewriting something this old, was in the way the script felt absolutely fresh and raw.

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DVD Release: Linnaisten vihreä kamari

This time we look at a recent DVD release that has strong historic and cultural value: Linnaisten vihreä kamari (1945) is a peculiar phenomenon in Finnish film history. Just imagine setting up a horror film in the midst of WWII.