bodom nominated

Traditionally, horror movies aren’t exactly the ones to receive awards and appraisal from critics. However, there might be a slight change happening in this tradition – specifically in the nordic region.

The nominees for Finnish Film Awards, aka Jussi’s, were announced yesterday. Suprisingly, a survival horror pic Bodom, grabbed not one, but three nominations. Bodom is nominated for Best Film, Best Actress (Mimosa Willamo) and Best Sound Design (Panu Riikonen).

Contradictory reviews

The movie is still on my yet-to-review list, so I’ll just say the over all review’s have been adequate – some positive remarks and then some weird outlashes. In addition to receiving awards recognitions, Bodom also seems to carry international market potential. So far, the film has been sold to at least Germany, Japan and the Middle East.

Jussi Awards began in 1944 and the award gets it’s name from a character of a 1936 film Pohjalaisia. Yes, that’s pretty random. The winners are announced in the Jussi Awards ceremony on the 24th of March.